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How do I return a PROFOOT product?

>>Please return your product with your store receipt to:

74 20th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232


Click here for a return request form. Back to top

I am having difficulty with the adhesive tape?

>>We include a very thin double-sided adhesive film to (optionally) reinforce our product in shoes. We understand that this film is very thin and difficult to apply, but most other types of adhesives can cause damage to your shoes or feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, most people find the tape unnecessary as the product stays fairly stable in the shoe. If you have need additional sets email us at: Back to top

Where do I buy PROFOOT products?

>>Click here for a link to our current retail outlets. Back to top

Do you sell direct?

>>No, we don't Back to top

Toe Bandages Medium Size - what size shoes does it fit?

>>The medium toe bandages are flexible to fit most toes including large men's toes and small children's. We no longer make small and large sizes Back to top

Should I remove my shoe's original insoles or put these on top?

>>You can wear our inserts over OR in place of your existing insoles. First, try them on top of your insoles and wear for an hour or so a day for a few days to "break them in." If the fit still doesn't feel right, remove the original insole and try it again. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Please return the product for a refund if you do not find relief. Back to top

Can I wash my PROFOOT Inserts?

>>To clean them, we recommend that you hand wash with mild soap and water, and allow to AIR DRY. DO NOT USE HEAT TO DRY. Back to top

I wear a women's size 10 or larger, sometimes women's insoles don't fit?

>>We would recommend trying the men's size. You can trim the edges for a better fit. Back to top

The Triad ball of foot cushion does not reach the front of my foot?

>>The metatarsal (ball of foot) support of the Triad Orthotic is actually designed to sit just behind the balls of your feet. That is the foot's "second arch." The bump at the front of the triad serves as a support, not a cushion. Try them out (break them in for a few days.) If you are not totally satisfied, please return them for a full refund. Back to top