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Vita-Gel Corn Wraps

Instant relief for toe pain!

Vita-Gel™ corn protectors are the first to offer full wrap-around protection and moisturization for corns and sore toes. By softening the corn and the surrounding areas Vita-Gel™ corn protectors dramatically help the removal of even the toughest corns while helping to prevent new ones.

Vita-Gel™ improved corn protectors have a slimmer, lower profile to easily fit any shoe without cramping yet provide a much larger gel area than other brands. Reusable, washable, and adhesive free. Each Vita-Gel™ Corn Protectors offers you weeks of pain relief.

Works as an overnight finger cuticle moisturizer too!

  • Full wrap-around gel cushioning protects and moisturizes toes
  • Softens cuticles overnight!
  • Washable! Use dozens of times
  • Contains soothing, moisturizing mineral oil